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After many years of studying art and painting work, Gunilla Sterud found a chance to make her own jewelry at a small workshop in Greece in 2015. She decided to use the name of a legendary bar at Mykonos, Caprice Bar, as well as two Keywords for her design in the name of her newly started brand - Caprice Decadent Bohemian was born!

The range includes earrings in all sizes as well as bracelets, rings and necklaces. Gunilla blends metals like gold, silver and brass with the best quality Swarovski crystals in all its colors. The design is aimed at the self-confident, sophisticated, brave invaders who prefer dressing decadent even on gloomy Monday mornings!

Dolce Eearings
in emerald och amethyst by Caprice Decadent Bohemian
SEK 1,899
Gatsby Earrings
in emerald by Caprice Decadent Bohemian
SEK 1,899