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Rabens Saloner is a Danish brand that designs clothes which are supposed to make your life easier. Well-made garments that do not focus so much on what's trendy for the season. Rabens Saloner instead strives to manufacture clothes that will look good on you. Rabens Saloner was founded in 2007 by the designer Birgitte Raben Olrik. Rabens Saloner is relaxed, yet elegant with its beautiful textures and misty colors. Rabens Saloner is a "state of mind", with a mix of sense of fashion and a genuine love for traditional Asian craftsmanship.

Alda Crepe Long Tunic Dress
in Dark Army by Rabens Saloner
SEK 2,499
Bee Wild Cat Gathered Skirt
in Military Green from Rabens Saloner
SEK 2,269
Chris Eclectic Rollneck Sweater
in Shadow Blue by Rabens Saloner
SEK 1,699
Stella skirt from Rabens Saloner
Khaki green leather skirt from Rabens Saloner. The skirt has cool features front and slit both...
SEK 4,899
Valentina boots from Rabens Saloner
Suede boots from Rabens Saloner.
SEK 1,600SEK 3,199
Roselyn dress from Rabens Saloner
This Rabens Saloner dress is designed in a sleek and fun fit, with a draped top and funnel neck,...
SEK 925SEK 1,849
Beatrice Dress
in white from Rabens Saloner
SEK 600SEK 1,749
Beatrice Dress
in Almond Milk from Rabens Saloner
SEK 600SEK 1,749