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It all began in 2006 on an inspiring visit to Shanghai. Back in Stockholm, they made their first jewelry that was displayed at a hairdresser who also sold jewelry. 2010 they decided to engage full-time in what started as a passion for travel and beautiful things. Today, Syster P jewelry and fashion accessories are available in several countries. They want you to feel the same happiness when you wear something from Syster P as they did when they created it. It’s personal. It's Syster P.

Dangling hoop earring by Syster P
Earrings in sterling silver plated in 18K gold or in silver, 14 mm in diameter. Fits with all the...
SEK 109
Dangling earring by Syster P
Small charm in sterling silver, plated in 18K gold or completely in silver. Fits with Dangling...
SEK 119